The rules of how marketing agencies should operate have changed. How do we know?
We changed them.
"New business model"-
This is a Revolution.

Having run three different companies as a President, Managing Partner, and Managing Director, I had hired numerous marketing agencies. It was clear to me the typical agency model was deeply flawed. There just had to be a better way. And so, along with my business partner and Cre8ive Director, we launched Cre8ive Pros – that was back in 2007. So how did we last this long? Because we didn’t just introduce a new business model, we completely redefined what it means to partner with a marketing agency. On every level, and in every way.


Their Model:

A typical marketing agency uses a blended hourly rate to bill the client. Inevitably, the agency submits invoices for additional hours worked – charging extra for “rush jobs” and for “too many changes.”

Most agencies consider it a rush if you want it “within four business days.” Unreal.

When the client finds they need something more? Agencies call that work “out of scope” – and instead of just getting it done they get busy coming up with a new proposal to increase their billable hours.


The whole “blended hourly rate” bs? Not here. We work on a flat-rate retainer – focusing on getting the job done right – not on how many hours we can bill you.

There’s no such thing as “out-of-scope” at Cre8ive Pros. A true partner NEVER says “sorry – that work is out-of-scope and we’ll need to take even more time to create and then submit yet another proposal” – all while you need the work done yesterday.

You won’t get “agency speak” from us. “The differentiating value proposition must create synergistic ties to the corporate monetization strategy, which is deployed across a multi-channel approach inclusive of transformational, cohesive messaging that blah blah blah.” Yes, that gives us a headache, too.

Who came up with the whole concept of putting a limit on the number of changes to a project? At Cre8ive Pros, there are NO limits to changes/modifications. We don’t stop until it’s perfect.

Our “normal” is faster than most agency’s “rush”. Hell, we’ve created successful, cross-channel ad campaigns in a single day!

We don’t “pitch.” We don’t even have a slide deck. Either it makes sense for us to work together, or it doesn’t. Maybe we’re the perfect fit for your needs – and maybe we’re not. So let’s have a discussion and see if partnering makes sense – for both of us.

Finally – we’re not “order takers.” If there’s no strategy behind what we’re being asked to do – then we help create one. As Sun Tzu said: Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

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