Agency Principals

Anthony Mazzotti
President and Chief Strategist

I started my first company at age 13, and am a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of experience: Military Intelligence; Private Investigator; Executive Protection Agent; Salesman; Brand Architect; Copywriter; Business Owner; Consultant; Professional Speaker; Author; Competitive Intelligence Professional; Managing Director; Managing Partner; President; and CEO. With all of that, I’m considered to be either incredibly versatile or extremely unstable.

That said, the one thing all of these experiences have in common is this: strategy. Above all – I am a strategist – and it’s the lens by which I view the world. One of my favorite quotes is from Sun Tzu, who said “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” This range of experience has equipped me to help create strategies with clients across industries – and then execute on the tactics in support of those strategies.

The “Extra” I Want You To Know: It’s so easy for agencies to say they “create strategies for their clients.” I get that. I mean – what agency says they only engage in tactics? But saying it – and understanding the lateral and critical thinking necessary to develop a true strategy – is vastly different. It’s why the average client engagement for a marketing agency is 12 to 18 months – and it’s 6 to 10 years for Cre8ive Pros.

Scott “Ras” Rasmussen
Cre8ive Director

While I’m co-founder of Cre8ive Pros, I also hold the position of Creative Director, a title that truly does not do justice to the role that I actually play with clients. WIth twenty years of experience under my belt, I have learned to understand clients’ business goals and then translate those into tangible creative assets that support those goals.

For those clients with large marketing departments, I have mastered the art of integrating with the team seamlessly, empowering them versus competing with them. For those start-ups that utilize Cre8ive Pros as their marketing department, I work hard to become a critical part of their team.

Client feedback on working with me has included comments like, “how could anyone have put together an entire campaign this fast,” and “our company image has been completely transformed in 1/3 the time we had expected.” In other words – I’m a speed demon – without ever sacrificing quality in the process. I don’t say that with arrogance – at all. But I do say it with pride – especially when I see other agencies say they need six to eight weeks to put together a brand package, logo, or ad campaign. Unreal! Clients need things done yesterday – a speed with which I’m comfortable.

The “Extra” I Want You To Know: This isn’t just a “job” to me. Your logo isn’t just “an assignment” I have to get done. The point is – I care. Deeply. A brand, to me, is a living, breathing entity. And it’s your company’s brand. Your image. Your blood, sweat and tears. Your baby. It’s how your company is perceived in the world – and it means the world to me to have the honor of being a part of it.

Jason Lord
Chief Digital Architect

As a certified Cloud Alliance Partner on development and implementation of Marketing Automation Systems, I have a voracious appetite for all-things digital. I’ve spent the past 20 years honing, adapting, and executing on digital marketing strategies in this always-changing landscape.

Helping clients craft automated, data-driven customer journeys isn’t just my passion – it’s my obsession. And while I’ve been a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences around the world on the subject of digital transformation, I don’t just teach it – I have lived it. As an entrepreneur, I leveraged the power of digital marketing automation to build – and subsequently sell – three companies.

That experience gave me the “street smarts” to know what works in the real world. And when you have to eat your own cooking, you learn quickly. I have seen, all too often, these high-priced “consultants” who have all the book smarts and know the technical aspects of how to engage in lead scoring or integrating a campaign – but they do it without having the context of what actually works. And they leave their clients with a business process instead of a business strategy that has a direct impact on revenue.

The “Extra” I Want You To Know: Why is digital automation my obsession? Because, to put it simply, it’s transformative. To help take companies from having disparate digital marketing efforts to realizing the full power and benefits that can only be realized through executing on a cohesive, automated digital marketing strategy is truly thrilling.