Creating Customer
Journeys with the Power of
Digital Marketing
Leveraging our ten+ years of digital marketing expertise, Cre8ive Pros offers its clients
a 3-Point Approach to help them become
Digital Strategy

Before deploying tactics across the digital landscape, a strategy must be crafted with specific, measurable goals that align with the desired business outcomes. It’s critical to stay focused, not over-complicate the process (which is easy to do), and always benchmark against revenue generation.

Constructing the Data-Driven Digital Customer Journey

The technology now exists to create customer journeys based on “if=then”: IF the prospect/customer does “this” particular action – “then” a specific, tailored message or action is generated automatically, sending each type of prospect/customer on a journey relevant to their particular situation.

Leveraging Marketing Automation Technology in Advertising

By micro-segmenting the potential “prospect pool” across digital platforms, we can leverage unique advertising content/messages, targeting different groups with messaging that is relevant to that audience segment while introducing the same products or services. Put another way: not all of your customers are the same – so why blanket them with a one-size-fits-all message?